Tryouts for our Pre-Academy, Academy and Select teams take place in May, for the following soccer year. A full year runs August - December (Fall)  and January - April (Spring). With each new year, players move up one year in age. Tryouts are required for a new player and players currently on a team.  

Tryouts with Information

Tryouts with Information

Tryout Policy & Team Selection

  • All tryouts will be organized and overseen by our Program Directors
  • Players should arrive 10-15 minutes early to check in.
  • Coaches along with Program Directors will determine team rosters for the new season based on tryouts results.
  • No coaches with players on the teams, board members, or other parents will have any role in determining team rosters.

Club Offers

Offer Dates are determined by the Tryout Dates

  • Offers for the 2023/2024 season for Academy will be sent out no later than May 24th 
  • Offers for the 2023/2024 season for Select will be sent out no later than May 24th 
  • You will receive an email with details on your offer, and you can accept or decline your offer by clicking accordingly in the system.  Players will have 24 hours to accept or their spot may be offered to another player.
  • Once accepted, you must pay your commitment deposit fee (non-refundable) within 48 hours. Please reach out to the appropriate Director if you have questions.

Player Fees

All player fees and program requirements are listed in the Program Selection. If you will need Financial Assistance, you must fill out CFC Helping Hands Application located under Resources - CFC Helping Hands


Birth Year & Season Matrix

When determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the birth year. Also, note that the format "age followed by U" means that age and younger. For example, 8U  means 8 and younger.  

Season  2021-2022 2022-2023 2023-2024 2024-2025 2025-2026 2026-2027 2027-2028
Birth Year
2022             6U
2021           6U 7U
2020         6U 7U 8U
2019       6U 7U 8U 9U
2018     6U 7U 8U 9U 10U
2017   6U 7U 8U 9U 10U 11U
2016 6U 7U 8U 9U 10U 11U 12U
2015 7U 8U 9U 10U 11U 12U 13U
2014 8U 9U 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U
2013 9U 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U 15U
2012 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U 15U 16U
2011 11U 12U 13U 14U 15U 16U 17U
2010 12U 13U 14U 15U 16U 17U 18U
2009 13U 14U 15U 16U 17U 18U 19U
2008 14U 15U 16U 17U 18U 19U  
2007 15U 16U 17U 18U 19U    
2006 16U 17U 18U 19U      
2005 17U 18U 19U        
2004 18U 19U          
2003 19U            



For questions regarding times, dates and registration, please contact Program Directors.

For questions regarding team placement or specific questions regarding your athlete for the upcoming season please contact one of the following:

Executive Director - Amer Resumovic

Academy Director - David Robinson

Select Contact - Amer Resumovic 


200 Madison Ave.

Lyman, SC 29365

Tryout Requirements

Age Group Tryout Fee
All Ages Registration $30.00 Early Discount                      $40.00 at Check-In
Cleats Required
Water Bottle Water or Sports Drink
Shin Guards Required

Size 4 Required - Pre Academy/Academy

Size 5 Required- Select