Select Soccer at Carolina FC

Carolina FC is extremely proud of its Select Soccer Program.  CFC Challenge and Classic Select teams demonstrate consistently high performance in the leagues in which they participate and enter more teams into the Challenge league than the Classic league.  The success of CFC’s teams can be directly contributed to the long-term, progressive development of the individual players on the teams.  From the beginning, CFC players are trained with their long-term development in mind rather than immediate team success.  CFC coaches and trainers are committed to this philosophy and CFC utilizes the trainer system to insure that players get the maximum amount of learning from as many soccer experts as possible.  

Not only do CFC Select team players perform well in the realm of club soccer, CFC training is proven preparation for high school soccer.  CFC players are the backbone of many area high school teams, both public and private.  The strength of a high school program usually reflects the number of club players on the team and the level at which those players compete during club season.  CFC Select players feed into many area high schools, elevating the quality of the high school varsity soccer experience for both boys and girls and increasing the competitiveness and excitement of every high school match.