Carolina and Hub City SC Form Alliance

Carolina Football Club and The Hub City Soccer Club have formed an alliance to provide even better soccer programming to all youth soccer players in the Spartanburg area. Looking forward to the Fall of 2017, Carolina FC and Hub City Soccer Club will have nearly 1,000 players playing in multiple locations across the county.

“We are very excited to bring together these two great soccer programs”, said Carolina FC Executive Director, Rafe Mauran. “Together with The Hub City Soccer Club, we will now be able to share resources and provide much better soccer programming in our area. This is a tremendous step forward for youth soccer in our community. Whether you are a 3 year old, just starting out or a high level senior in high school looking toward a college soccer career, HCSC and Carolina FC will be able to fit your needs.”

CFC and the The Hub City Soccer Club will both continue to provide quality programming at all of their respective locations. The organizations will now be able to schedule matches locally and will be able to coordinate other resources such as facilities, coaching education, camps, clinics and other soccer programming.

“We’ve always been a family first organization and we’re very fortunate to be expanding our family here locally in Spartanburg County.”, said HCSC Director, Tripp Joyce. “The staff and team at CFC are first class and we look forward to sharing resources and providing better overall programing that fits our teams, coaches, and more so our families." 

While this partnership won’t officially materialize until the Fall season, both groups are working hard to ensure that families at both The Hub City Soccer Club and Carolina FC will not experience any disruption in their normal soccer routines. All facilities will continue their normal soccer operations.

“This is a huge positive for our players”, says Rafe Mauran. “By focusing on what is best for the kids in our community, Carolina FC and The Hub City Soccer Club will continue to provide great service. By pooling our resources, and working hard for the kids in our area, we will now be able to provide the best soccer programming in the Spartanburg area.”

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