Carolina FC Super Y Program General Information

Join Carolina FC during the Super Y summer season to:

1 - Stay sharp and improve your skills.

2 - Get a different coaching perspective to help further develop your child

3 - Get summer long training and quality matches for less than the price of a 4-day overnight camp filled with unrealistic hours and incredible strain on the body. 

4 - Be identified by the ODP regional scouting. This gives players a chance to be recognized and invited down to the Super Y ODP event in Lake City, FL. Players are seen in their natural competitive environment as opposed to the traditional tryout format.

Why Super Y?
Development is about playing top-level soccer 12 months a year and playing in challenging environments where the mind has to adapt. Players will have the opportunity to play with and against top players around the region. The unique ODP player id model is great for those players that don’t do well in the typical tryout format. It allows the players a chance to be seen and handpicked by scouts and opposing coaches for Super Y ODP regional and national events. This experience comes with college and national team exposure. Top Drawer Soccer hosts Super Y ODP regionals where college coaches rank players for college scouts.   

For information on the USL's Super Y program, please click here.

The regular season will consist of 8-10 matches depending on the playing division and age group. The total point leader within the division will culminate the season with the Super Y-League North American Finals, which will consist of a minimum of four games at the IMG Academy in Bradenton FL held in December.

Training (at Carolina FC)
Caoches will decide what days teams will train. Sessions that are postponed due to weather will be rescheduled.

Season Dates
Training will begin in late April/May. Matches will be played from late May through July. We will avoid most major events such as State Cup, ODP camps etc. The Super Y-League North American Finals will be held in mid-December in Bradenton, FL at the IMG Academy.


Date Time Age Group
Saturday, March 4th 5 - 6:30pm U9 - U13 Players
Sunday, March 5th 5 - 6:30pm U14 - U19 Players
Saturday, March 11th 5 - 6:30pm U9 - U13 Players
Sunday, March 12th 5 - 6:30pm U14 - U19 Players
Saturday, March 18th 5 - 6:30pm U9 - U13 Players
Sunday, March 19th 5 - 6:30pm U14 - U19 Players

​CLICK HERE to Register for Tryouts. There is no charge for trying out at Carolina FC. However, ALL player MUST register for tryouts online through our new Blue Sombrero registration system.

Age Groups
U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15/16, U17/18 Boys and Girls - Age groups will follow the US Youth Soccer mandated changes of being determined by calendar year date of birth (Jan 1st- Dec 31st).
U10 - Born in 2007 (quality 2008 players will be considered) - play 7v7
U11 - Born in 2006 - play 9v9
U12 - Born in 2005 - play 11v11
U13 - Born in 2004 - play 11v11
U14 - Born in 2003 - Play 11v11
U15/U16 - Born in 2002 or 2001 - Play 11v11
U17/U18* - Born in 2000 or 1999 - Play 11v11
*U18 teams are allowed up to 6 players born in 1998

Coaching Staff 
Coaching staff will be selected by the Executive Director and Director of Coaching of Carolina FC. Carolina FC will operate with an “open door coaching policy”, allowing coaches from other clubs to train Carolina FC Super Y Teams. Click here for current coaching list.

No Recruiting
Carolina FC Super Y teams, coaches, parents, and players will adhere to a strict “No Recruiting” policy. This policy will be enforced via zero tolerance.

Active Roster: Total fees = $395.00 per player, plus Uniform Fee of $85.00

  • Deposit/first payment of $150 due at time of acceptance to Super Y team, no later than April 1st.
  • Second Payment of $150.00 due April 15th
  • Third Payment of $95.00 due May 1st
  • Uniform fee (approx. $85) paid directly to uniform vendor, ordered no later than May 1st

Non - Active Roster: Total fees= $200.00, plus Uniform Fee of $85.00

  • Deposit/first payment of $150 due at time of acceptance to Super Y team, no later than April 1st
  • Second payment of $50.00 due April 15th
  • Uniform fee (approx. $85) paid directly to uniform vendor, ordered no later than May 1st
  • Developmental player called up to play in matches will pay $50 per match played. Max total fee of $395.00.

Cost Includes
• Registration/Player Passes
• Training Fees - 2 nights of training/3 hours per week
• Coaching Fees
• Referee Fees
• Game Fees - 10-12 Matches (U10-U18 teams)
* Does not include coach & player travel expenses, post season play or uniform

Financial Assistance/Scholarships
May be provided at the discretion of the Carolina FC staff. For more information, please email club treasurer, Donna White -
For other financial questions, please email Amer Resumovic at

Active vs. Non-Active Players
An Active roster player is expected to attend all training and matches. A Non-Active player is expected to attend all training.  Only active roster players will travel and dress for games. In the event an active roster player is unavailable due to injury or other commitment, a non-active roster player will be selected based on merit to fill 18th roster spot.

Team Selection
All teams are selected via a coaching committee. Coaching committee will be comprised of all staff coaches for the Super Y teams.

Each coach will select approximately 18 - 22 active roster players, and as many as 8 non-active roster players. We are looking for about 26 players per roster.

Individual Team Administrators/Team Managers
Will be required for each team.

For questions, please email Josh Gutierrez at

For other inquiries, email Carolina FC Executive Director, Rafe Mauran at

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