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Sponsorship Information
CFC offers you opportunities to achieve your business objectives while supporting our youth soccer organization.
Your support allows us to continue developing our facilities, improve our soccer programs, and provide scholarships for worthy players. You receive the opportunity to increase the awareness of your product or service to an established and ever growing soccer community.
Carolina FC is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Donations may be taken as a tax deduction in the form of a charitable contribution or as an advertising expense. Consult your accountant.
Naming Rights
Associate your name with our club house or playing fields. Naming opportunities start at $5,000 per year. 
            (Your name) Field – 5 fields available
            (Your name) Club House
Levels of Giving
Support the renovation of the club house at the CFC Complex by contributing at any of the following levels. Support may be given as a one-time donation or 3-year pledge.
Gold Sponsor            $10,000 - $24,999
Silver Sponsor          $5,000 - $9,999
Bronze Sponsor        $1,000 - $4,999
Contributor    under $1,000

Levels of Sponsorship


Banner Sponsor – CFC Complex                                     $300 / Year

Premier Website Sponsor                                                $1,000 / Year

Uniform Sponsor                                                                 $3,500 / Year (2 Year Agreement)

Training T-Shirt Sponsor                                                  $5,000 / Year

Field Sponsor                                                                        $5,000 / Year


In-Kind Contributions
For CFC’s soccer complex to be fully functional, a long list of supplies and equipment are constantly needed, ranging from mowers to golf carts, fertilizer to paint, goals to corner flags.  Your product may be just what we need.
Scholarship Fund
Carolina FC’s Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to players in need of financial assistance. Your contribution will help remove the monetary obstacle which may prevent participation for some individuals. Your gift can be directed to the general scholarship fund, to a specific individual, or a particular category of participant whom you would like to support. Any dollar amount will make a difference. 
Advertising Opportunities
Uniforms: Achieve statewide visibility by placing your business’s name on CFC’s high quality Adidas uniforms worn by Academy and Select players during match, scrimmage and tournament competition in South Carolina and surrounding states. 
Training T-shirts: Sponsor Carolina FC’s training t-shirts and your business will immediately have walking, running, smiling billboards everywhere. CFC training t-shirts are required attire for every training session and are frequently seen at school, in the grocery store, and even at the beach! Anywhere a CFC player goes, a CFC t-shirt is sure to tag-along.
Signs and Banners: Secure daily exposure to hundreds of soccer families by displaying your business’s image on a sign or banner at the Carolina FC Complex. 
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