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Rules & Regulations
Scholarship Policy
Carolina FC shall provide a player scholarship fund. This fund shall provide financial support to players who may need such assistance to play for CFC.

Conduct Policy
It is the policy of Carolina FC (CFC) that its members shall conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike and positive manner when representing CFC at games, tournaments, practices and other CFC related activities. No member of CFC shall act in a way, which brings discredit to CFC. CFC members are defined as players, coaches, trainers, parents, guardians and other CFC supporters.

Uniform Policy
The uniform policy fosters a sense of professionalism and unity within Carolina FC by demonstrating greater respect for the uniform and a “club” appearance at trainings.
Coach Travel Policy
Each Carolina FC team shall be responsible to reimburse its coach’s travel expenses to attend tournaments as stipulated in the coach’s contract with CFC.
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