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The History
Carolina FC is a youth soccer club based in Spartanburg County which offers soccer instruction and competition for boys and girls, ages 5 – 18. Carolina FC is affiliated with United State Youth Soccer (USYS) through the South Carolina Youth Soccer Association (SCYSA). As an IRS designated 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, Carolina FC is committed to being of public benefit by administering a youth soccer club whose purpose is to offer youth the opportunity to realize their full potential as athletes and individuals through the sport of soccer. The soccer club has grown and evolved as the sport of soccer has become increasingly popular in the United States and South Carolina. Today Carolina FC enjoys a statewide reputation for producing highly skilled players capable of competing successfully at the highest levels of play in South Carolina.
Early Years
Carolina FC (CFC) was formed in1981 as Northside Soccer Club of Spartanburg. Later changing its name to Spartanburg Youth Soccer Club (SYSC), the club operated as a collection of teams for players aged 10 to 18. Teams participated in “classic” leagues and tournaments affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer (USYS). 
Recent Developments
Since 1998, significant developments have occurred within the club. Under the guidance of its Director of Coaching and a volunteer Board of Directors, club resources were directed to expand soccer programming to younger ages and to improve the level of training received by players. This resulted in the Developmental Program for ages 7-11 in 2000, Micro Soccer for ages 5-6 in 2001, and the Academy Program for ages 10-12 in 2004. In addition, individual player development became the focus of training as a trainer system was implemented and skills sessions, in addition to team training, were offered. The overall efforts resulted in team success at higher levels of league and tournament play. The improved training also impacted area high school soccer with Dorman High School winning both a boy’s and a girl’s state soccer championship within the last 6 years with teams made up of primarily Carolina FC players.
During this time, efforts to acquire land for a soccer complex were set in motion. With patience, persistence, and sound management of financial resources, this goal was recently achieved.
Carolina FC Today
Today Carolina FC provides comprehensive professional soccer training for boys and girls, ages 5 – 18 at the Carolina FC Soccer Complex. Programs include Micro Soccer for ages 5-6, Developmental teams for players 7 – 11, Academy Program for players 10-12, and two levels of Select teams for players 12 – 18 (Challenge and Classic). Weekly technical and goal keeper sessions, tournaments, camps, and clinics are also part of the curriculum. Players come from the greater Spartanburg area, as well as from Greenville to Gaffney, and Inman to Woodruff to train at Carolina FC. Within the Select program, most area high schools (public and private), their corresponding middle and elementary schools are represented.
Carolina FC coaches bring a wealth of coaching and playing experience to the training environment. Although styles may vary, coaches and trainers share a common commitment to player development and must achieve USSF or NSCAA certification. Club affiliation with USYS provides a national network of resources to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the rapidly growing world of soccer. 
Along with consistent success within the South Carolina Youth Soccer Association (SCYSA) statewide leagues, players proudly represent CFC on their high school varsity teams. Teammates during club season become fierce rivals during high school soccer season, elevating the excitement and quality of area high school soccer. In addition, many players have gone on to play college soccer at all levels from D1 to NAIAA. Carolina FC alumni can be found on the rosters of USC, Lenoir-Rhyne, Anderson, SMC, UNC-Greensboro, USCU, Limestone, Washington and Lee, and others.
Future Outlook
By securing its own complex, Carolina FC has taken a significant step toward insuring its continuing growth and stability as a club. With developmentally sound soccer programs in place, qualified coaches and trainers, ample training space within club control, and land for future expansion, Carolina FC will continue to attract aspiring soccer players of all ages and levels who desire to reach their potential as athletes and individuals through the sport of soccer.
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