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Carolina FC Coaching Staff
Seeking achievement, not attention; making a difference, not headlines!

Consistent with Carolina FC’s foremost goal of player development, CFC has assembled a talented and qualified training staff committed to putting the player first.  Contributing a wide variety of playing (College & Professional) and coaching experiences (High School, College, ODP & Professional), Carolina FC coaches and trainers share a common love for the game, a high level of expertise and a contagious enthusiasm for teaching young soccer players.  Combine their distinct personalities and individual coaching styles with Carolina FC’s trainer system and CFC becomes a fun and exciting place to learn the game of soccer – a learning-first environment where well-trained players make teams strong.



2017 - 2018 Coaching Staff

09/10 Boys - Ellis Alleyne/Calloway            09/10 Girls - Susan Kolb

08 Boys – Joe Childers                              08 Girls – Savannah Humphries

07 Boys – Joshua Gutierrez/Gustavson    07 Girls – Fernando Gomez

06 Boys – Rob Depaol                               06 Girls – Ellis Alleyne/Calloway
05 Boys Elite – Joe Childers                      05 Girls Elite – Jonathan Shurden
04 Boys Elite – Rafe Mauran                      04 Girls Elite – Fernando Gomez

04 Boys Premier – Rich Weber                   04 Girls Premier - TBD
03 Boys Elite – Cory Junker                       03 Girls Elite – Rob Depaol
02 Boys Elite– Joshua Gutierrez                02 Girls Elite – Amer Resumovic
01 Boys Elite – Jonathan Shurden             02 Girls Premier - David Calloway
01 Boys Premier – Jorge Santos                01 Girls Elite – Britney Bennett

01 Boys Select – TBD                                00 Girls Elite – Chris Carmichael
00 Boys Elite – Amer Resumovic                99 Girls Elite - Andy Aulick
00 Boys Premier – Cory Junker           
99 Boys Elite – Rich Weber


If you have any questions regarding the CFC Coaching Staff or would like to apply for a coaching position please contact Rafe Mauran, Executive Director at

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