Concussion Management Protocol


Concussions have become a hot topic in youth sports and current research indicate that soccer is one of the sports where the incidence rates for concussions are in the top 5 of all sports even when you seperate boys and girls soccer. 

Carolina FC are serious about taking a proactive role towards the management of athletes that sustain concussions. We are aligning our approach to handling these concussions with the SC Youth Soccer Guidelines in managing concussions, but are also taking it a step further. We have started a mandatory annual training for all coaches and team managers through a program designed by the CDC called the "Heads Up Online Training" for concussion management in youth sports.

We will also launch an educational process to educate parents of all players what we are doing and give them resources and access to training materials.

Summary of Carolina FC concussion management protocol:

Before the Fall season starts

1. All parents should review and sign the following form. A signed copy is kept in the team managers notebook Concussion Procedure and Protocol w/ Parents Signature

2. All team managers and coaches will do mandatory online concussion training through the CDC and keep certificate of completion in player notebook.

When a concussion is suspected during practice or games.

1. Follow the SC Youth Soccer recommended guidelines for identifying and responding to a concussion Concussion Procedure and Protocol

2. If a concussion is suspected and is managed according to the guidelines, communication between coach, team managers and the parents is crucial. It is in the SC Youth Soccer Guidelines to educate and inform the parents by completion and sending of the official Possible Concussion Notification

3. Next day follow up communication by coach, teaam manager and/or CFC Board member.

When the player is ready for return to soccer.

1. A medical release from a physician is required before return to practice or play in a game. This release will be kept in the player notebook with a copy of the concussion notification form.

2. Coaches/team managers will monitor players upon return to practice to make sure that they do not display any symptoms that could indicate any lingering effect from the concussion and provide feedback to parents.




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